• Jinko Graham's picture

    Jinko Graham

    Associate Professor, Statistics and Actuarial Science, Simon Fraser University
  • Celia Greenwood's picture

    Celia Greenwood

    Associate Professor, Oncology; Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health; Division of Cancer Epidemiology, McGill University
  • Philippe Gros's picture

    Philippe Gros

    Professor, Department of Biochemistry, McGill University
  • Paul Lasko's picture

    Paul Lasko

    Scientific Director, Institute of Genetics, CIHR
  • Sandra MacPherson's picture

    Sandra MacPherson

    Chair, Board of Directors, Canadian Gene Cure Foundation
  • Étienne Richer's picture

    Étienne Richer

    Assistant Director, Institute of Genetics, CIHR
  • Guy Rouleau's picture

    Guy Rouleau

    Director, Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, McGill University
  • Erwin Schurr's picture

    Erwin Schurr

    Professor, Centre for the Study of Host Resistance, McGill University
  • Tracy Zeisberger's picture

    Tracy Zeisberger

    Foundation Manager, Administration, Canadian Gene Cure Foundation

    The Canadian Gene Cure Foundation (CGCF) is a national, registered Canadian charitable organization, formed in 1999 to raise much-needed funds for medical genetics research in Canada and to support the genetics research community. Tracy joined the organization in 2008 as the Foundation Manager.